Versatile SMS tool for customer communications and marketing.
You can reliably and quickly inform even a large group directly from Contakti’s service portal.

Send SMS

Send SMS messages manually or automatically. You can save unlimited amount of SMS templates to speed up the communication.

Receiving SMS

Customers can respond to text messages, for example to confirm the agreed matter, and you will be notified by Contakti immediately.

SMS Campaigns

Boost your sales with correctly targeted SMS campaign to your customers.

SMS Group Messages

With Group Messages you can send an SMS text message to a group of contacts.

Mobile Marketing

Send targeted special offers and product news effectively to your customers via SMS.


You can follow the progress in real time! You can see the statistics received from past and failed messages.

Customer service SMS

Reporting & Analytics

Contakti Reporting gives you powerful data analytics, so you never stop changing for the better.

Online Dashboards

With versatile customizable dashboards you can monitor ongoing status of your customer service in real time. You can visualize and analyze data and focus on Key Performance Indicators of your customer service.

Summary report

With summary report you see all the information you want in one easy to read report. This popular report shows clearly the actual situation in each location and service channel.

Comparison report

Comparison reports makes it easy to track the results between offices, service channels and individuals. Comparison reports can be used to measure the service level efficiency at the individual level.