Contakti blends seamlessly into your existing e-mail system
and speeds up the work of customer servicers.
All e-mails are visible to right persons,
the situation of handling is easily seen and all the conversations can be easily checked afterwards.

Universal Inbox

View and answer every Email from Contakti’s universal inbox. It’s like a smarter version of your email inbox. It's all there, accessible and manageable from one place.

Assign and Transfer

Transfer Emails between departments to make sure it's being handled by the correct staff. Assign tickets to a staff or to a team.

Email Locking

Avoid multiple agents responding to the same email at the same time! You set the amount of time the lock remains on a email. When a email is locked, other staff can not respond to the ticket until the lock expires.

Service Level Agreements

SLA Plans allow you to track emails and due dates without the hassle. Get overdue alerts and notices on missed due dates, and priority escalation. Create an unlimited number of SLA Plans and assign them to help topics, departments or email filters.

Internal Notes

Whether you need to ask your teammate a question, or leave yourself some information for later, notes are a handy feature that allow you to attach internal comments to your emails.

Email to Ticket

Tickets always look the same, regardless of the communication channel, i.e. Chat, E-mail, Voice, Feedback Forms, and others. Follow your customer through different channels but always stay in the same type of ticket.

Customer service emails

Reporting & Analytics

Contakti Reporting gives you powerful data analytics, so you never stop changing for the better.

Online Dashboards

With versatile customizable dashboards you can monitor ongoing status of your customer service in real time. You can visualize and analyze data and focus on Key Performance Indicators of your customer service.

Summary report

With summary report you see all the information you want in one easy to read report. This popular report shows clearly the actual situation in each location and service channel.

Comparison report

Comparison reports makes it easy to track the results between offices, service channels and individuals. Comparison reports can be used to measure the service level efficiency at the individual level.