AI Powered Customer Service


Customers are calling to your company, but all your customer servicers are busy. A part of good customer service is the callback function, so your customers won’t have to queue and waste their valuable time to get service.

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Keep track of customer conversations

Manual Callback

Employees calls back to the customers that have tried to contact your company. After a successful call they simply mark the call as done.

Timed Callback

Customer can choose a desired time for callback. Our service will inform you clearly when the callback should be made.

Callback Different Number

Customers can choose a different callback number than they are calling from by dialing desired phone number after easy instruction message.

SMS Messages

Customer will receive a customized SMS that confirms that the callback will take place. Contakti callback supports several SMS message templates.

Voice Messages

The customer will hear the voice message you want to tell him about the callback. If desired, you can also use voice guidance (IVR) to route the customer's right person or group.

Customer Search

Contakti automatically searches the phone number of caller from CRM and external service providers.