Through Contakti you can handle phone calls directly from your browser.
You can use the telephone system provided by us or connect your existing PBX system to our service.
Getting the call reports and monitoring the existing status has never been easier.

Call from Web Browser

No need for a separate device to make or receive phone calls. Everything works directly in the browser. Contakti Voice provide most cost-effective inbound and outbound calls.

PBX Functionalities

Get all the PBX functionalities directly from our service. Recordings, menus, service groups and call transfers as well as employee status information are available directly from the browser.

Use your own PBX System

No matter if you are using your own PBX or any VoIP service, we got a solution for all.

Teaching And Listening

You can listen and train personnel working on the phone directly from Contakti, without interrupting the ongoing call.

Record Phone Calls

You can record all customer calls automatically or manually for quality control. The recorded calls are saved as part of customer communications history and are easily available for later listening.

Monitoring and Reports

Create versatile and easy readable graphic reports from phone calls. You can send and schedule automated report sending to selected personnel. With real time monitoring you can see the existing status of your customer service.

Customer service telephone

Reporting & Analytics

Contakti Reporting gives you powerful data analytics, so you never stop changing for the better.

Online Dashboards

With versatile customizable dashboards you can monitor ongoing status of your customer service in real time. You can visualize and analyze data and focus on Key Performance Indicators of your customer service.

Summary report

With summary report you see all the information you want in one easy to read report. This popular report shows clearly the actual situation in each location and service channel.

Comparison report

Comparison reports makes it easy to track the results between offices, service channels and individuals. Comparison reports can be used to measure the service level efficiency at the individual level.