Cooperation with the Mustapekka

We are incredibly excited to announce our new partner.


Mustapekka is a Finnish telecommunications operator that offers mobile switching services. Mustalinja offers unique switching services for mobile phones. Now it is possible to get the services of the traditional telephone system also on mobile phones and to get complete reports of call traffic.



"I have worked in the telecommunications industry for 20 years and I know very well all the solutions available on the market. I was really impressed with the Mustapekka when I got to know their service.

They had understood the most important thing, the user experience, and the need for service to support the customer's business. Together with Mustapekka we are able to offer our common customers a complete communications solution that has never been on the market before, says Esa Lahtinen"


"Contakti and Mustapekka collaboration brings together two companies with the same value base. There are many players in the industry that provide communication technology or the infrastructure required for it.

Contakti and Mustapekka differ from other players by subordinating technology to provide user-friendly and human-friendly solutions to enhance the customer's practical business. Every year the benefits we produce are measurable under the last line. For both, intrinsic value is not about pushing new technologies to the market, but about creating customer-centric value around existing communication channels. This shared value and perspective makes the partnership exceptionally natural and useful to our common clients, ”says Jussi Patopuro."